Capturing nature's beauty

About Me

I'm a Belgian-Australian artist living in Brisbane, Australia. For the last 15 years I've been painting mostly contemporary landscapes and abstracts including over 70 commissioned artworks. I started my arts training growing up in Belgium and continued this at the Brisbane Institute of Art. I am a strong advocate for finding your own artistic expression through hard work and exploration and I am confident and proud of having found my own style in this manner.

My painting process

For most of my paintings I choose to work with acrylics on linen, Belgian linen if available. The linen provides a strong yet delicately textured support while the versatility of acrylics allow me to apply many layers of varying pigment saturation. Thanks to the fast drying time of acrylics I am able to apply these layers in rapid succession without disturbing the underlying layers and it is this process that brings an ethereal quality to my work.

My signature style

Two elements play a key role in my painting process and ultimately determine my signature style: the play between the intended and the accidental and the constant flow of delicate touches of paint to more bold and determined brushstrokes. These two elements combined very much reflect my personality.  And so, despite of being highly critical of my own work, I am becoming more confident in the notion that I am finding a style of creating that is truly mine.

My objective

I try to find an openness and stillness in each work: in the light and the composition; and through harmony of the colours. My works are often monocromatic and have a softness and poetic quality. I seek out this openness also by trying to find a balance between the accidental and the intended. I find it important to leave room for interpretation, and so rather than dictating the viewer what to think or feel, I ultimately seek to create a space in this openness that the viewer can fill with his/her own thoughts and feelings. In doing so I hope to allow a connection with the artwork that is dynamic and lasting rather than instant and fleeting. 

Previous Solo Shows, Art Awards and Media

2018 - Lethbridge 10000 Small Works Art Prize online finalist with 'Infatuation', Water-soluble oils on linen on board, 29 x 35 cm

2017 - Elemental Connections Inspired by the Landscape, Percolator Gallery - Paddington Brisbane

2007 - Landscapes and Abstracts, Baguette Gallery - Ascot Brisbane