Subtle Lustre

Percolator Gallery, Paddington QLD

May 2 - May 12, 2019

Brisbane News Magazine May 8 - 14, 2019 issue 1225

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ELEMENTAL CONNECTIONS Inspired by the landscape

Percolator Gallery, Paddington QLD

Nov 14 - Nov 19, 2017


The exhibition introduces the concept of 'Still Stones' as my contemporary and inverted interpretation of memento mori .  The inanimate objects, always 3 stones, are surrounded by water, representing the flow of time and life itself. Each stones tells a story, its innate qualities and the surrounding conditions determine its appearance over time. Under the right conditions it can even become a tiny world on its own harbouring life in the form of lychen. The stones will however always erode over time. The smallest stone seems unaffected, gravity has yet to take hold. 

The exhibition consists alsoof a series of contemporary landscapes and seascapes that capture my emotional response to being connected to a particular place at a particular time.They are introspective and often soothing. The following 3 works were created to capture the mystery and other-worldly sense of this place on one side and the feeling of being protected, sheltered on the other side.

My seascapes reveal my attraction to water and my love for our beautiful shores.

Capturing a few more of my favourite places ...

This last series 'Scarred for life' touches on the impact we're having on the land. We are attracted to remote places, the far views over the land has a calming, grounding and nurturing effect on us. These unspoiled places are becoming harder to find because we want to mark our presence and lay claim rather than simply visit. In previous works I have always ignored human presence, yet in these works I see signs of human activity as scars on the land. I painfully scratch back the layers of paint to literally take away from the landscape. Revealing the fibres of the linen with these marks evokes feelings of pain and loss.