Art for sale

These recent works are for sale, either to be picked up from my studio in Brisbane, or shipped by courier to your home.  For quotes on shipping costs simply request a quote on the Contact Me page.

A selection of Sold Landscapes

In my landscapes my love of travelling and seeing different parts of the world is revealed.  I try to capture my emotional response to being in a certain place. In essence what I create is an emotional album of my favourite places in the world, for me to revisit and for others to enjoy.

My figurative 'Human Interactions' works

In these figurative paintings I am exploring the many facets of life as an interaction with the world around us.  I am intrigued by the idea that we can merely be aware and conscious of ourselves as 'being in the world' through our sensory perceptions. Through perception and interaction with this world and in particular with other human beings close to us, we form our own version of reality, including our own identity in this world.